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European Express ADR Deliveries

Class - 2,3,4,5,6,8,9  Full ADR trained, competent and experienced drivers are crucial for working in the Chemical Industry. With ADR, the laws are changing all of the time, most paints are now coming under ADR Regulations. With our DGSA always on hand. PMS Logistics are confident in the knowledge that whatever the load may be, our drivers are fully aware of all I.M.D.G. (International Marine Dangerous Goods) safety and security procedures.

Urgent Time Sensitive Chemical Deliveries to Europe






Level B National Air Cargo Security

Level 4 Aviation Security 

Working within the Aviation Industry, all drivers are trained and security checked to DfT Level B, D Air Cargo Security and Level 4 Aviation Security.

With terror threats ever more on the increase to the Civil Aviation Industry, increased security not only for all known Cargo, but also for A.O.G. situations. Airline On Ground is always time sensitive, but Security still remains paramount.

Drivers carry their Level B, D and Level 4 Aviation Identification with them at all times.



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